A local woman recently announced on Facebook she's hoping to organize a naked bike ride in Tri-Cities.

She needs 50 people committed, and that's just to get the green light from the non-profit to start the process.

Naked bike rides are big annual events in places like Fremont in Seattle. I can't really see one happening here, but apparently it works like this: if enough people come the police don't arrest you.

Why do a naked bike ride? It's a co-op of two big ideas: 1. Raise awareness of bicycle safety. It reminds people cyclists are riding "naked" without the protection of air bags and steel frames. Vehicles need to do better at sharing the road. 2. Anti-emissions, global warming awareness. Get naked and be Hippy and one with the Earth to protest the pollution of air.

To learn more about the motivations and where you can find an existing event visit the Naked Bike Ride organizing website but be warned, it's NOT SAFE FOR WORK! It features plenty of photos of naked bike riders of both genders: worldnakedbikeride.org