You're at a BBQ, having some great food and drinks with your family or friends. You had a couple beers, but you feel okay to drive. WELL DON'T! Every summer 149 people die in car crashes and impaired drivers cause a lot of those crashes. Not only can you end up hurting yourself or causing property damage, you could hurt someone else. Extra DUI patrols will be on duty this holiday weekend, so even if you don't end up in a crash, you could end up with some serious repercussions.

If you plan on drinking, have a plan to get home. Taxi, Uber, designated driver or hey, just crash on your buddy's couch. Driving drunk isn't worth it, and this weekend there will be even more officers out making sure to catch those breaking this important law. So, make sure to have a plan to get home safely if you plan on drinking this weekend! Have a fun and SAFE Labor Day Weekend!


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