My name is Ed Dailey, I've been the host of a Classic Country Radio show called
"Legends of Country with Ed Dailey"
October is a big month for me, its our 24th anniversary of this radio show.
For the last 24 years, Legends of Country has kept the legendary voices of Country music on the airwaves, across America and around the world..
 I have been on the radio, in one way or another for 50 years.
 My dad did a similar program in this area of Washington State.
When he passed away, his fans kept asking if I would carry on his a program like his.
 My dad got me started in radio at an early age. He came from music, being a member of the famous Rangers Quartet when they moved to California for a couple of years in the early 50's.
He also worked on the Town Hall Party, and other shows in California. He also worked at KJOY, and KRAK radio at the time I was born in 1956 in Modesto, California.
By 1962 he had moved and worked at KBBR in Coos Bay Oregon. This is where I started in radio, the smell of old coffee, the Associated Press teletype clicking job as early as 5 years old was helping my dad, as often as I could.
By 12 years old, I was the world's youngest F.C.C. 3rd class licensed radio announcer.
I graduated early from high school in California so I could work fulltime. And since that time I've been on the radio.
Growing up in the world of Country music and Gospel music I met so many of the legendary stars.
I have interviews that I use on my show from over the years.
I have done a lot of voice work,
Professional speaking, and ministry work as a former Pastor. I have over 31 years of experience as a singer, and producer.
For the last 24 years I have taught radio and voice at a High School Skills center.
I have had a chance to be a music producer twice.
 I've recorded a few songs myself, and proud of a song I wrote the lyrics for called "She Loves a Memory More than Me". Recorded by Chris Loid.
I love music, I love country music, and with my Legends of Country radio show I get to keep the legends alive and tell stories about their lives and songs.
Right now my Legends show is broadcast on over 15 radio and internet stations in America and other countries as well.
How Legends of Country with Ed Dailey started: I was asked by KORD to do a special show for 2 hours Sunday Morning and 2 hours Sunday night, to celebrate Country Music month in October.
So the first weekend in October 24 years ago the problem went live.
Because of the response from listeners, KORD said they would give me 7-10 a.m. each week on Sundays. I could play anything the audience wanted to hear, to do tributes to stars we lose. We had lost Opry Star Minnie Pearl in March of 1996, so I did a salute to her on the first show.
Over the years we added radio stations each year.
During October we will have special interviews, and give away prizes to celebrate my radio anniversary.
Listeners can contact me at,
And check out our Facebook page. Legends of Country with Ed Dailey.
My cell number is 509 947 5785

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