There are many signs that a person should stop drinking.  Like, if you're to the point where drinking alcohol is no longer fun.  If you find yourself drinking unusually large quantities of alcohol. If you find that your life is becoming more complicated simply because of drinking, it might be a good time to quit. If you miss work or other important events because of alcohol, it might be time. If you hide or lie about alcohol, that's a good sign too.  But I think my favorite sign that you should quit drinking alcohol is:

If you hold your own son at gunpoint on a beautiful Sunday night in Kennewick. (Last night was nice, wasn't it!)

And SWAT is called to your house.

And K-9 units.

And a lengthy negotiation ensues.

And when you finally give up, you feel the need to kick and spit on officers. 

Heeerrrrr's your sign, lady!

It was a mess. Luckily the boy's dad was able to get the gun away from the mom. At 16-years-old, there is no doubt this will be a scarring trauma for him. She was so full of alcohol that officers needed to take her to a hospital to check her out. I've also got questions about the gun. Was it an heirloom or a collectible that wound up getting loaded? It's all really sad.



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