The latest condition of the driver is not known, but his passenger died in a crash Saturday.

Woman gets in truck despite her friends pleading her not to

Saturday, in the early morning hours around 1:05 AM, Jacob M Reed, whom Deputies said is from Iowa (age not given) was driving a 2004 Ford pickup in a very reckless manner on Toothacre Road just north of Hover Park, which is southeast of Finley.

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Reed, said Deputies, was spinning his wheels and racing back and forth on the road. A female who happened to be at the park area with some of her friends got in his truck, despite what authorities said were pleadings from her friends not to.

 Woman dies in rollover crash shortly afterward

Reed left the area at a very high rate of speed, said witnesses, towards Meals Road but he apparently lost control and the truck rolled into a ditch. The woman was killed in the crash, Reed was flown to Harborview Medical Center due to his injuries. No update has been given on his condition.

Benton County Deputies say neither Reed nor the woman (whose name has not been released) was wearing seatbelts. It is not known if she was thrown from the vehicle. The crash remains under investigation.

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