Now that temps are dropping, and more heat is needed in homes, a variety of experts and fire safety officials are saying don't plug space heaters or others into power strips. Otherwise, they will look like this picture, courtesy of the Umatilla County Fire District 1.

Besides tipping, falling or other misuse of heaters, this practice is one of the leading causes of house fires.

The Electrical Safety Foundation says heaters require a much higher level of power, and can quickly cause power strips to overheat. The electrical draw required is best served by an outlet. Most power strips are occupied by at least a few other plugs. Combine that with the draw from the heater, and you quickly end up with a strip that overheats, catches fire, or sparks and shorts, causing similar issues.

They also caution to not use an extension chord, either. These smaller indoor chords are not designed to handle that kind of draw either. And finally, don't plug anything else into the same outlet as the heater. Dedicate an unused outlet wherever possible, for the heater. This will greatly decrease your chances of causing a dangerous fire.



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