A Redmond Washington motorist, gave a cyclist a courtsey honk to let him know he was pulling around him, and what did he get for his trouble?

Ben Han and his wife were driving , when they came up to a bicylist who was weaving between the bike lane and the roadway. Ben honked his horn, and drove around Chad Olson, and continued on their way. Well, Mr. Olson apparently did't take too kindly to the gesture, and gave chase, catching up to the Han's at a stoplight. Chad proceded to throw his bike at the Han's Volvo, smashing a window, causing about $5700 worth of damage. Mr. Unstable then hopped aboard his two wheeled wrecking ball, and rode off into the sunset. Accordind to the Redman Police, Olson showed up at the station about an hour later to report some road rage. He said Mr.Han tried too hit him, and any damage done to the car was self -defense. There's a hole in the bucket dear Liza, and that story ain't holdin' water. A felony charge against Mr.Olson was filed last week.  Try this self-defense plan next time Lance Armstrong, take a license number, and use that cell phone you carry everywhere, to call the Police. Maybe it's just me, but flinging your $5000 French rac