Yes this really happened in Pasco Tuesday September 26th 2017 around 8 p.m. It reminds me of a segment we do called stupid news... here's what went down according to Pasco PD

Dave Allen
Dave Allen

Pasco Police received an interesting 911 call Tuesday evening at about 8:07 PM. It seems that Austin M. Riley, DOB 022493, homeless, yelled at another driver to call the cops for him, then drive off. The driver called, and was following Riley's car eastbound on Argent, but didn't know why Riley wanted police assistance.

Sergeant Pettijohn and Officer Alaniz found Riley at Argent/ 20th and attempted to signal him to stop. Riley allegedly sped off, refusing to stop. They followed with lights and sirens, attempting to order him to stop. He ended up southbound on 4th, ran a red light at Court, and finally pulled over near 4th/ Nixon. He did not cooperate at the stop and had to be tackled to the ground.

Riley was arrested and booked into Franklin County Jail on an investigative hold for Eluding. He is also being investigated for DUI. And why did he originally want police? We may never know, but the original caller thinks he wanted police to stop him from driving. Pasco case PP17-46482 Eluding.

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