Online dating can be scary. You never know if the person you're going to meet is who they say they are. You could be dreaming of that perfect someone, and end up with a serial killer. Okay, maybe not THAT bad, but there have been some unsavory situations that have come from online dating. and Safewise recently did a study to find out the safest states for online dating. They based their findings on "the FBI’s cybercrime and violent crime rates per capita for each state, as well as the CDC’s reported cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea, which are the most common STDs in America."

Based on their findings, Washington State came in at 19 on the list! We're pretty safe here! Oregon was 16, and the #1 safest sate is Vermont (looks like I'll be moving soon...) The state that came in dead last, isn't even a state. Washington D.C. came in as the worst state for online dating! Looks like our nation's capitol is NOT the place to look for love. The good news for us in the Northwest is that we can keep swiping right, and have a good chance that person will be safe to kick it with! Happy dating!

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