If you look up Redneck in a dictionary it will say something about someone who lives in a rural area, and maybe performs manual labor, and is maybe disliked by others for their opinions. Definitions differ depending on the dictionary, but each says something like that.

Well, someone crunched numbers to figure out which 10 cities in rural Oregon have the most manual laborers and traditionally vote opposite of national trends (read EAST COAST). I think they also factored in how many guns people own and how many kids leave home to go to college and don't come back. Some bizness like that...

Well, here's what they said:

1) Wood Village (next to Troutdale)

2) Tillamook (Oregon Coast)

3) Hood River (little west of The Dalles)

4) Klamath Falls (little east of Medford)

5) Roseburg (between Eugene and Medford)

6) Madras (middle of nowhere central Oregon)

7) Baker City (about an hour south of La Grande in eastern Oregon)

8) Prineville (just outside of Bend)

9) Molalla (just south of Portland)

10) Rogue River (just outside of Medford)

I'm not sure whether I'm pleased or disappointed there was nowhere in northeast Oregon. I guess we're "sophisticated" rural around here!

Gregory Bergman

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