If you had a bunch of comic books and action figurines stolen, Seattle Police may have your stash of the goods.

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It seems that Police recovered a huge comic book collection from thieves in an investigation stemming back to October.

Detectives are trying to locate the owner of the substantially large collection of comic books, action figures, and memorabilia.


As of now, Police have no leads on who the collection belongs to.

A post from https://spdblotter.seattle.gov/

If you believe these items may be yours, or know someone who recently lost a number of similar items in a theft, please contact detectives with some proof of ownership so we can give these items a proper Homecoming. If you have any similar items in storage, but haven’t checked on them recently, please do so. If anything’s missing, please make a report.

Credit: Seattle Police Department
Credit: Seattle Police Department

In case you didn't know, by policy, the Police Department will have to destroy the goods, if no one comes forward.

If you know who might be the owner of all the comic goods, please contact the Seattle Police Department at:  SPDGIU@Seattle.gov.  Make sure to reference case number: 2021-276209.

It would be a shame if all this good comic crap goes to waste. I mean, we don't want the  memorabilia to go  to waste. However, I do know that others ARE HUGE fans.

So, let’s get this fan merchandise back to the rightful owner. Can you help?

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