According to experts, a new trend in New York City has women spending thousands of dollars shopping online, and then sending it all back.

Those familiar with this behavior say the popularity of shopping online is a major factor for these women who are on a cycle of "Binging" and  "purging" on clothes and other items. One online shoe store manager says approximately 30% of merchandise is returned.  I have heard of people on heavy medication, sitting at home and ordering stuff off of the shopping channels and being surprised when the stuff arrives,  because they don't remember even ordering it. One women says she spends up to $2000 in a single shopping sitting of online gluttony, and she doesn't remember everything she buys. She keeps notes on stores return policies, and usually ends up sending most of the stuff back.  I have always said, computers are the work of Satan, here is just another example of the horned one exposing weekness among us. Lucky for allot of these shoppers, many of the online retailers offer free shipping and returns. Shopping Bolimia, what ever happened with spending countless hours playing solitare, with a real deck of cards, at the kitchen table. For those of you whom I have completely lost, google "playing Cards" and "kitchen Table". I think I just ruined my own day.

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