With Daylight savings only a week away it brings back memories of calling "Time" to set the clocks in the house. We relied on calling a recorded voice that would update every few seconds to tell you the exact hour, minute and second of every day. Before the days of cell phones, laptops and high speed internet service, time was something you found on the wall or on your wrist. The best way to get an accurate reading of the time was to call a number, from your rotary telephone and listen to the familiar female voice.

Calling Time was especially popular when there was a power outage or it was day light savings time. After a power outage thousands of "Mountain Bell" customers would flood the phone lines trying to update the clocks on their walls or the watches on their wrists. Being late for work was a lot more common back in those times, as our cell phones didn't just automatically update the date and time for us! "Time" has definitely changed, and don't forget to change yours next week!!

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