December 1st, NWS (National weather service NOAA)
December 1st, NWS (National weather service NOAA)

According to the National Weather Service (NOAA National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) from the Pasco Airport, we broke the record.


According to multiple weather sources, in 1941 the Tri-Cities recorded 66 degrees on December 1st.

If you look at the National Weather Service report as of 1:01 PM from the Pasco Airport, it shows 70.  Many of you probably see 70 on your phones.

But in order to break a record, the temp has to be recorded via an officially recognized source, such as a verified weather reporter.

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But since the record was 66, and the Pasco Airport is showing 70, we probably did. A strong cold front is going to push the warmer Pacific air back down to CA and Nevada this weekend, bringing more December-like temps our way.

We were about ready to break out the shorts again...

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