Fees rising July 1st. which ones? (WA State DOL)
Fees rising July 1st. which ones? (WA State DOL)







So, the state legislature (Democrats) pushed through their $17 billion-dollar transportation package (which actually funds a lot of other 'projects' besides just roads) by raising a variety of fees.

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 Friday, license plates get more expensive

If you are buying a new or used car, or need a new license plate, it will cost you more. Among the fees rising this Friday, July 1st, include (according to the Dept. of Licensing) and the WSIADA or Washington State Independent Auto Dealers Association:

  • A new license plate: from $10 to $50
  • A replacement plate: from $10 to $30
  • The paper temporary 'plate' when you buy a car: from $15 to $40
  • Motorcycle plate fees rising from $4 to $20
  • Motorcycle replacement fee goes from $4 to $12

Also, the famous $150 "dealer documentation fee" you hear in radio car ads so often goes to $200. And finally, stolen vehicle check fees go from $15 to $50.  A stolen vehicle check uses the VIN Number to determine if a car (presumably being offered for sale) has been reported stolen but not recovered.  Car dealers utilize this to make sure they're not helping boost stolen automobiles.

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