As the fair season is just around the corner, it got me thinking of things that remind me of fairs. Corn dogs, animals, carnivals, old friends and deep fried stuff. It seams every year people try to out do one another when it comes to deep fried foods. Everything from ice cream to candy bars have been deep fried. So I did some checking around and found out when it comes to deep fried stuff, we're just scratching the surface.

Some of the food I found that were deep fried really didn't make a whole lot of sense, like deep fried lobster, what a waste. Also some foods just don't need to be deep fried, but were. On my list of foods to not deep fry, pizza, burrito, french toast and soda. Just leave these alone. Some folks think they can improve a favorite of mine by deep frying it. You can now get a deep fried peanut butter and jelly, egg,  or ham and cheese sandwich, why? If you want to eat healthy, you can try some fruit and vegetables deep fried. Including apples, strawberries, green beans, asparagus and bananas. If your not getting the clogged arteries fast enough, maybe you should try deep fried bacon, a cadbury egg, or a ravioli stuffed with a snickers bar, all real meals. I searched around other countries and was a little disturbed at some of the deep fried treats other countries serve.If you want to live on the wild side, you can order up some deep fried beetles, scorpions, star fish, sea horses, sparrows and to top it off, grasshoppers. For desert how about deep fried cheesecake and white pudding. I am to old to try to many deep fried goodies, I get heartburn just lookin at a doughnut. Eat carefully this fair season. Hey, what about  deep fried rolaids? Just sayin'.  What is something you have eaten that was deep fried?