Folks all over the PNW were shocked and amazed at the 72 degrees in the Tri-Cities on December 1st. Records were broken all over the place for 'high temps in December.'

Our plants and bugs are confused! Many lawns remain green and spiders and flying insects were cruising around like it's springtime.

The Cliff Mass Weather Blog calls it the Second Great Northwest Heatwave of 2021. He makes an excellent point! Temperatures were 20 to 30 degrees above normal in so many places, just like they were in June when we were suffering from 118 degrees.
I do like to follow the weather constantly, and I'm checking the radar on my phone about every 3 minutes when there's a thunderstorm. But I must admit I don't know much when it comes to atmospheric rivers and things like that.
Some folks think our heatwaves are "global warming."
Well, the record we just broke for the highest temperature ever recorded on December 1st in Pasco, WA was previously set in 1944. So did we have global warming in 1944?  (hint: the answer is no)

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