Oh dear, I think I'm supposed to say 'suspected' debit card thief!

But this guy apparently stole someone's debit card at the Pasco Walmart, then used it, and now police would like to nab this guy. My question is, what's the use in having a pin protected debit card if the pin # is not always required? I get that it's faster at the drive-thru if you can just swipe & go, but I think it would prevent a lot of theft if you have to put the pin # in every time, regardless of the amount of your purchase. And do you sign your credit cards? I never do, I just write 'See I.D.' on the signature line.

On 12/17/2020 Officer Greenhalgh responded to a theft of a debit card at Walmart. Yes, you guessed it, the thief used...

Posted by Pasco Police on Thursday, January 7, 2021


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