Umatilla County Search and Rescue and the Oregon State Police are coordinating a multi-agency search and rescue mission near Meacham this weekend for a missing woman out of Idaho.

56-year old Deb Hendrichs was reported missing on January 11th, out of Ada County, Idaho. Her vehicle was found the same day on I-84 near milepost 238. She was last seen near her vehicle.

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The search is set to begin at 8 am Saturday and will continue through Sunday, May 9th. According to a press release:

The search area will concentrate on areas surrounding the eastbound side of Interstate 84 near milepost 238, where her abandoned vehicle was found after she was reported missing.

This will be a robust search response with multiple agencies involved.   Approximately 90 personnel have committed to assist in the search, including possibly ten K9 teams, 4 drones and about 35 ground searchers. The actual number will not be known until participants check in on Saturday morning.

Credit: Lieutenant Sterrin Ward, Umatilla County Sheriff's Office.
Credit: Lieutenant Sterrin Ward, Umatilla County Sheriff's Office.

The area near Hendrich's vehicle location will be searched based on the direction she may have traveled on foot, after leaving the site. The search area includes I-84, Kamela Highway, Hancock Road, the Interchange Bridge, and areas toward Meacham. Also, the railroad and bridge, the road heading into Meacham Lake, creeks, and woods in the area.

Google Maps
Google Maps

You're asked to stay away from the search area unless you reside there.

The Umatilla County Search and Rescue team has a website where they'll provide details and updates of the search.

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