Picture yourself on a beautiful mid-September day in the Mid-Columbia. It's still in the 70s but could reach about 82 degrees. Not too smoky for the first time in a long time and beautiful blue skies accompany you as you travel your United States Postal Service route.

Yes, it's a great day to deliver the mail. Everyone's in a good mood. There are no political discussions on Facebook, and everyone agrees on how to conquer covid. There's no fighting about wearing a mask or getting a shot. The world is in perfect harmony. When all of the sudden, Oh My Gosh A Dead Body!

Okay, the first part of that might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but can you imagine enjoying a beautiful day like we had today and stumbling on a dead person? For those that follow my posts, you know that I have mentioned several times that I love true crime shows like Forensic Files and about 25 or 30 others that are popular on A&E and Discovery Plus. So my first thoughts are...murder? Suicide? Or accidental death? None of those questions have been answered yet, and since I can't find the ketchup on the top shelf in the refrigerator, my wife tells me I would make a terrible detective. But at least I have my true crime shows.


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