In all the best movies, the hard to catch bad guy (or girl) is often a master of disguise. Is that the case with this cute pigtail and neck tattoo girl wanted by Pasco Police? Is she really what she looks like or an evil drug queen wanted on a federal arrest warrant for conspiracy to distribute heroin and fentanyl? Is she really 22 years old like she looks? The first answer is yes, she is wanted on a federal arrest warrant. The second answer is that she's actually 35 years old.

Gosh, I always thought evil drug queens were 'methed-up' looking. 'Rode hard and put up wet' looking. Ready to 'slit you from your belly to your throat' looking. But not Miss Pigtail. And perhaps that's why she's so hard to find.

One of the comments in the Pasco Police Facebook post suggests she's in Oregon where "all those drugs are legal now." Oh, it gets better as the comments to that comment explain the difference between 'decriminalized' and 'legal'. I read all the comments and still don't get it. But, since I don't do drugs, I don't have to worry about it.

Another comment suggests that a warrant be put out for her hairstylist! Hahaha...I shot Diet Dr. Pepper out my nose on that one!!

On the serious side, one comment says this wanted woman is the same person that stole her wallet and credit cards and bought tires with them!! She sure is cute for being so scummy. Allegedly.



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