It's another Wet Nose Wednesday and our friends at Pet Overpopulation Prevention have another wonderful feline up for adoption.

Meet Spirit!

Spirit is a sweet, curious, adventurous, playful boy. Once you've been accepted by him, he is quite a sweetheart. Happy to see people, he loves affection and rubs on his people's legs to claim them as his own.

Full of energy, curiosity, and adventure, Spirit loves any type of toy or anything that moves enough to spark his interest. Spirit was adopted out as a kitten in the summer of 2020 and became a dearly loved member of the family and even joined his pet parents as the official greeter at their local business.

Due to a family medical situation, Spirit was returned to POPP to find a new home. He is doing fine with the other cats in his foster now and we are sure he will do great in a loving home environment. Spirit is a big boy and has grown up to be quite a loving cat.

Spirit has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and he tested negative for FeLV and FIV. Spirit's adoption fee is $75 and includes a complimentary vet exam, coupons from PetSmart, and a gift bag from POPP.

If you are interested in giving Spirit a home, please complete the POPP adoption questionnaire:

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