Prosser Police found a credit card skimmer at a local gas station.

Prosser Police Station-Facebook
Prosser Police Station-Facebook

According to the Prosser Police Facebook page, the skimmer was discovered Tuesday on a gas pump at Love's Travel Center.

It's the reason you're advised not to use your debit card at gas stations. Just the other day I actually left a gas station because it wouldn't let me run my debit card as credit. I should've just used a credit card, however, I was angered by the situation, so I left and went to another gas station and used a credit card.

How can you tell if your card has been skimmed?

You can't. You won't know your card was skimmed UNTIL you see unusual transactions. This is why it's important to monitor your account. You can also set up alerts to receive emails, texts, or app notifications for new transactions.

How do skimmers get your PIN?

Skimmers are small card readers hidden within the existing card reader. The skimmer gets data from every person who swipes their card. On average, 185 cards have been swiped before the skimmer is found or removed. Sometimes skimmers are place over the card reader.

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How can you protect yourself from having your information stolen?

Look over the machine for anything that seems out of the ordinary before swiping your card. Use a digital wallet or contactless payment method. Pay inside.

Read more about how to spot a credit card skimmer.

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