Okay, so what's the deal here, medical experts? After feeling too sick to come to work, my supervisor suggested I get a covid test. I scheduled an appointment with Walgreens since another family member said that was super convenient with very little waiting. It was.

I've been vaccinated so I was pretty sure that it was just a bad head cold. I only get sick every 3 years or so, and it was about time. Imagine my surprise when I came back positive for covid-19! My wife was also feeling poorly, so she went and got tested the next day. She came back negative. That got me to thinking, how can I be positive and she be negative when we live in such close proximity? So I decided to get tested again. Same test, same place, same bat-channel. (Oh no...a bat reference? HA!) This time I came up negative. Now, if somebody asks me if I've ever had covid, do I say yes or no? Hell, I don't know, but I wish the government would get their act together on this thing because positive and negative tests three days apart are not helping the situation. I am not a conspiracy theorist but this sure has me thinking about how many positive covid numbers are actual.

Walgreens covid testing website does list 3 different types of testing. I was given the rapid test as there was no way to choose another. it just assigns it to you, in my case, anyway. Perhaps one of the other two choices is more accurate, but I'll never know.


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