Another cougar was euthanized after it climbed up a tree in a residential area.

It's believed the cougar was responsible for killing several animals in the region over the last few months.

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On Saturday, Deputies with the Yakima County Sheriff's Office were called out to a house near Sheep Company Road and West Huntzinger Road in Selah for a cougar up in a tree. According to the YCSO, the cougar was dispatched without incident.

It wasn't too long ago, that a cougar was seen in Kennewick.

You can read more from the YCSO Facebook post.

If you encounter a cougar:

Stay calm. Slowly back away from it, if you can. Make yourself appear to be as large as possible. If the cat acts aggressively, do not back down. It would be best for you to make sure the animal sees you as a threat, and not dinner. Be loud and make eye contact. Show your teeth. If the cougar attacks, fight back, aiming for the face and eyes.

Watch Utah jogger Kyle Burgess' encounter with a cougar.

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