Well, I took a jog yesterday with my friend/co worker Dana,  and at the end of the run, she promtly looked at her Iphone and said "well, we ran 3.99 miles!"  I was intriqued at how she could possibly know that!

She then showed me the coolest thing, a sensor inside her shoe that counts the milege and transfers the information to your ipod or iphone.  It even links up your itunes and gives you your playlist. How awesome is that?!

For some reason, I thought if I had that gadget along with new cool Nike Plus shoes...I would run more.

So...off I was to shop for it! First stop...Big 5 in Richland. A wonderful sales gal seemed to know all the things I was looking for. She showed me a number of shoes that are equipped to carry the sensor as well as the sensor itself that you buy separately.

Anyway, out the door $139 dollars later, I have a really cool, comfy pair of Nike LunarGlide 2 shoes, a package of new cushy socks and the new sensor.

Nike Lunarglide 2 shoes
Photo by Faith Martin

The sensor activates and syncs up your Iphone or Ipod to it when you begin walking around. It costs about $29. I had by the way, looked on-line at Amazon.com and found it for $19.  But, I wanted it right then, so I guess it felt worth it to me.

I find that by talking to avid runners you can find out all kinds of things that seem to make it easier to excercise and get the most from it.

Dana was also wearing a really nice running top that was made of a DRI-FIT material and  had slits in the back to insert your Iphone or Ipod in so you don't have to hold it.

I want that too of course!  And I think she said she bought it at the Sports Authority. I also noted they are at REI.

Going to hit the jogging trail today and try it all out!

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