After five years of no new devices, Apple has announced a new iPod Touch for 2019.

In 2014, Apple made the decision to retire the handheld device that revolutionized the music industry — the iPod Classic. The product line extended far beyond the beloved portable music player and its click wheel, but with the mergence of increased local storage space on iPhones, Apple stopped issuing new iPods in 2015... until now.

The new iPod Touch comes in a variety of colors (Space Gray, Gold, Silver, Pink, Blue and Red) and comes with three different storage options: 32GB ($199), 128GB ($299) and 256GB ($399), the latter of which is the largest storage size ever on an iPod. Still, the storage size is just half that of the largest storage available on an iPhone, which currently sits at 512 GB.

Here's a few tech specs on the new models:

  • camera: 8 MP (rear) / 1.2MP (front)
  • video: 1080p HD recording @ 30 fps (rear camera) / 720p HD video recording (front camera)
  • screen size: 4 inches (diagonal)
  • A10 fusion chip
  • weight: 3.10 oz (88 grams)
  • operating system: iOS 12

Get more info here.

The question now is with the increased presence of digital music streaming and the massive storage spaces available on the iPhone, what is the need for the iPod Touch? Music consumers have been gradually weened off of needing two pocketable devices, so will there be a market awaiting one that specifically fits their needs for portable music?

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