Now that several hours have passed since the initial reports of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting, it appears the reported death toll is official 26, with 18 of those being children. The school educated classes in Kindergarten through the fourth grade.

Sources are frequently mentioning that an entire classroom is unaccounted for. It is unclear if this means the teacher's head count was not included in the officials' totals, or if an entire classroom was killed by the gunman.

Now dead, the suspected perpetrator is now believed to be Ryan Lanza, 24-years old. The Wall Street Journal is reporting the man's mother was a teacher at the school and is among the dead. It says the shooting was concentrated in a single classroom. Police are tight-lipped with details because not all parents have been notified, the Journal reported.

ABC News is reporting Lanza is from New Jersey and another body has been found in his home. He entered the school with four weapons wearing a mask and bullet-proof vest.


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