A one-vehicle accident in Cle Elum has caused the collapse of a bridge leaving several Cle Elum residents stranded without water and access. 

The Elk Meadows bridge connects McElroy Road, Morning Dove Lane, Night Hawk Lane, and Heron Drive in the Elk Meadows development near Cle Elum and it collapsed after a waste truck capsized on the bridge.

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The Kittitas Sheriff's Department posted an update on the progress of getting an alternative route open for the residents of Cle Elum:

Preliminary assessments by county engineers indicate the span of the McElroy bridge is too long for a temporary emergency structure. Public Works is preparing to improve the back-road access to affected residences by one of several possible routes. We will keep you appraised of progress.


No requests have been made for emergency shelter and the American Red Cross is on standby. If you need shelter please contact us through Kittcom!

One of the concerns is that the water supply line attached to the bridge was severed, leaving the residents without water.

credit: kittitas sheriff's department
credit: kittitas sheriff's department

The Sheriff’s Office and the Kittitas County Department of Public Works are working to restore road access as quickly as possible, but the erection of a temporary bridge is expected to take at least 48 hours.

The Sheriff’s Office is also working to establish an alternative, back-country route for emergency supplies and services.

The American Red Cross has been contacted to establish an emergency shelter.

Anyone with emergency needs is asked to call Kittcom. Call 911 for emergencies, or contact them at their non-emergency line, 509-925-8534. The Sheriff’s Office will update information as it becomes available on their Facebook page and through media releases.

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