Wok King International Buffet failed a routine inspection and was cited for insects and other health code violations after a diner filed an anonymous complaint alleging she found a cockroach in her noodles.

No comment from the all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant in Kennewick, located at 7011 W. Canal Drive, between Grandridge Boulevard and Young Street.

The manager of the health district's food safety team confirmed the report and the subsequent inspection. There were enough issues, including witnessing a still alive cockroach on a pest strip, to warrant a re-inspection. Although severely creepy, insects are considered "non-critical" issues compared to other more serious infractions like hand washing and temperature control.

The customer was not offered a refund, but a coupon for a future meal at the buffet. It is believed the woman and her companion took their business elsewhere.

All data for all Columbia Basin dining establishments' past inspections can be scoped here.

And click here to see the story that has the link to the person's Facebook page where the roach video is posted.

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