Mike Hepper owns the state record for walleye. On February 7th, 2007 Mike hooked into, and caught a 19.3 pound walleye. On Sunday our friend Natalie Cooper-Travis almost rained in Mike's parade. Fishing with her Barney rod and reel, with 4 pound test, and jigging a Bacon Omelet on a size 10 eagle claw hook.  Natalie and her two companions were fishing out of a 19 Foot Sanger drag boat at the George Prout Community pool in Richland. While the three anglers sucked down Red Bull's and pickled eggs, Natalie almost didn't see the giant fish bend her Barney poll into a U shape. For the next six hours, Natalie fought the monster, almost dragging her overboard on several occasions, toward the end of the struggle, the crew had to duct tape an exhausted Natalie to the steering wheel. Knowing the end was near, the great fish finally came to the surface, and Natalie Exclaimed."Hey, look at that big bass". Later on the crew told her it was a walleye. Big indeed, Natalie hooked an 18.68 pound walleye, just missing the state record. Congratulations Natalie Cooper-Travis, and thanks for sharing.

Note: Besides the picture, and weight of the fish, some items in the above story may not be very accurate, just sayin'