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A man was recued Monday afernoon after he fell down a cliff along the Columbia River.


According to Kyle Foreman with the Grant County Sheriff's Office, the male climber fell 50 to 90 feet down a steep, rocky cliff in the Beverly area. The tragic accident happened a few miles south of the Vantage Bridge. The rescue took place near the Columbia River.

Royal Slope Fire Rescue EMS
Royal Slope Fire Rescue EMS

The Sheriff's Office and Rescue crews wers called to the scene at about 3 pm. Although, it's unclear when the accident occurred. The victim was found laying injured for an unknown period. He was airlifted to a trauma center.

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Royal Slope Fire Rescue EMS
Royal Slope Fire Rescue EMS

Agencies responding to the incident include:

Royal Slope Fire Rescue, EMS, Grant County Fire District 8, Protection 1-EMS, US Bureau of Land Management Ranger, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police, and Airlift Northwest.

The cause of the fall remains under investigation.

The National Parks Service reminds hikers that it's safer to hike with a companion.

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