I wonder if convenience store robbers ever sit around and talk about their escapades. You know, reliving the excitement and sharing stories about how much money they got or how frightened they made the clerk. Oh wait, I'll bet they do...in jail where they have a lot of time to kill. I mean really, have you ever heard of a successful convenience store robber? One that can't be caught? One that is always a step ahead of the police? One who lives comfortably on his or her chosen line of work? Of course you haven't. And yet, they still happen all the time. Must be the drugs. Get hooked on drugs and then you'll do anything to get your fix. This is why people can't have nice drugs to enjoy. (I'm not a drug user). But if everyone would enjoy their drug of choice in moderation, then maybe they wouldn't all be illegal. And since I'm not a drug user, I guess I'm not taking into account the addiction problem. That's it...stop making drugs so addictive that you drive yourself to the grave with them. We just need happy, non-addictive drugs LOL.



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