A 24-year-old mother in Lincoln, Nebraska was in the bathroom earlier this
week, and had accidentally left the door to her apartment unlocked. So her three-year-old son took advantage of it and escaped!
When the woman got out of the bathroom, she PANICKED and called 911 to report her son missing.
Meanwhile, the cops were ALSO getting calls from a BOWLING ALLEY near the woman's
apartment. It turns out the three-year-old had headed to the bowling alley . . . spotted one of those arcade games where you use the claw to grab stuffed animals . . . and managed to CRAWL INSIDE through the prize chute to play with the toys.
The employees at the bowling alley also called the vending machine company to come help get the kid out. And by that point, the cops had figured out the kid in the vending machine was the missing child.

The vending machine employees got the kid out of the machine safely. The police say there weren't any signs that the mother neglected the kid, so she won't be facing any charges.

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