Already some citizens are questioning why this event is being cancelled, but organizers say they've heeded advice from local law enforcement who usually assist with the event.

According to sources, including KEPR TV, the annual lighted boat parade that's a delight for many, and has been for decades, will not happen. A handful, perhaps a dozen, boat owners still plan to take out decorated craft on the Columbia. But this official parade is not taking place.

Dozens of lighted boats would slowly parade up and down the Columbia, from Clover Island to nearly the Hanford Reach and back in early December. Hundreds of not thousands would watch from the shorelines.  Official and unofficial gatherings would take place as people enjoyed  the boats.

No specific details were given as to why law enforcement advised the organizers not to stage it this year, but we do know they played a role.

It is believed COVID is the main reason for the cancellation. However, according to some members of the Clover Island Yacht Club, there will be perhaps 10 boats out, starting at 6PM on December 4-5.

A check of the official lighted boat parade website still shows no indications of any 'cancellation' or modifications. To see it, click on the button below.

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