Hair loss and scars are just one of the many effects of cancer, during and after. It leaves permanent scars on the inside and out. Lizz Tapia is the owner of "BROWS Re-defined by Lizz Tapia." With her expertise and compassion, she is helping men and women regain their confidence, erase traumatic scars and repair some of the damage cancer survivors endure, all through medical tattooing.

"Benefits of Medical Tattooing:
Medical tattooing is a Non-surgical solution that can make post-surgery patients and trauma survivors feel whole again.
Lizz’s medical tattooing specialties will be beneficial with helping scar and trauma patients as well as Breast Cancer Survivors.
Medical Tattooing is ideal for:
• After chemotherapy
• Camouflage of post-surgical scars, Cleft Lip etc.
• Areola/Nipple restoration after breast cancer surgery
• Breast Reduction Scars
• A permanent solution to skin pigmentation loss (Vitiligo)
• Brow hair loss
• People with hair loss due to age or illness (Alopecia)
• Self Harm Scars Compassion is one of Lizz’s strengths"
Lizz received her training from one of the number one tattoo artists in the Pacific North West. She has learned the technique of "illusion protrusion" for the 3D effect following breast reconstruction, post-surgery or post-chemotherapy. With her expert training she is able to select the right size, color and shape for that three dimensional look.
Often, after hair loss, due to chemotherapy the hair growth just isn't the same and in some cases it never grows back. Lizz also offers permanent cosmetic tattooing, for such things as the brow. This type of cosmetic tattooing also stimulates the lash line and promotes lash growth.
Some of these procedures can be covered by insurance, for more information or to contact Lizz you can click the button below. Thanks Lizz for all that you do!

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