Ahhh, those classic TV and Radio commercials that get stuck in your head. You know, like the McDonalds theme or Wendy's "Where's The Beef?". Tri-Cities Washington has its own slew of memorable TV/Radio commercials as well. Let's see how many of these classics you remember? 

Growing up in my small town of Clarkston Washington, we had some TV/Radio commercials that I fondly remember. The jingles would get stuck in your head and you'd sing along to them anytime they came on the air.

For me, Market Time Drug and Bruneel Tire were some of the jingles I'd sung along to as a kid. I'm sure you remember Godfather's Pizza where the gangster says "Do It!" and we all know the McDonald's Quarter-Pounder song. McDonald's in the 80's even had a menu song - perhaps you remember it?

Well, Tri-Cities and Walla Walla Washington are no different. I've compiled five TV/Radio commercials that you might remember if you grew up in the Tri-Cities - Here are the five classic vintage commercials I found on YouTube - Let's see if you remember them

Fox 66 Tri-Cities Kids Club Commercial

Be the cool kid on the block by joining the Fox 66 Kids Club

Shumate Mazda 1980's TV Commercial

I'm thinking I'll look pretty good in that classic Mazda RX 7 with my mullet flowing in the wind!

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One of my favorite videos that I found was an old Hubby's Pizza commercial. You had me at King Kong...

Hubby's Pizza 1990's TV Commercial

and here comes the granddaddy of them all in Tri-Cities TV commercials, It's Ruff's Burgers!

Ruff's Giant Burgers 1986

and our final commercial is for Denney's Hi-Spot in Walla Walla - The owner Joe Denney was famous for singing along in his commercials to promote his restaurant.

 Denney's Hi Spot Cafe in Walla Walla

There are a ton of great commercials that I'm sure are still out there that haven't been uploaded to Youtube yet. If you've got one, feel free to App chat us the link and we'll check it out!

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