I probably wouldn't drive to Toppenish to fill my gas tank, but if I were in the vicinity, I would veer off the beaten path to do so, if the price was right! I happened to be driving past the Yakamart Truckstop in Toppenish when their sign caught my eye. It was advertising gas at just $2.99 a gallon, so naturally, I had to investigate! The gas pumps were all full, so I had to wait in line to get a closer look, and to my delight, the price truly was $2.99 for the 87 regular gasoline. As usual, my gas tank happened to be empty, so this discovery ended up saving me about twenty dollars in gasoline!

So if you find yourself anywhere near Yakima or Toppenish in the near future, it might be worth your time to swing in and fill your gas tank! The Yakamart is located at the Highway 97 junction between Legends Casino and the City of Toppenish. Their address is 111 Fort Rd, Toppenish, WA. They are a full-service convenience store, with a hot deli case, and they are open twenty-four hours for all of your on-the-go needs. They see a high volume of traffic in and out, but the lines move pretty quickly and it's worth the savings!

Janis Clardy (Yakamart photo)

I hope this information has been helpful and will help you save a buck or two in today's crazy world! Now, if I can just find a place that has crazy cheap eggs and a rental house that doesn't break the bank!


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