With today's numbers from the Benton Franklin Health District, over the past day, 116 new cases of COVID-19 combined are being reported in Benton and Franklin counties, and one death was "reassigned" from Benton County to Franklin County in keeping the death totals correct.

I'm afraid desensitization is setting in and I'm starting to become numb.

Too many statistics, too many Facebook PhD's and keyboard warriors who swear we're being lied to regarding the COVID-19 facts and figures, so I said the hell with it, I'm going to find some coronavirus chaos that actually makes me chuckle for a change.

Like this...

Not to be tone deaf, but people in Philadelphia, amazingly right on brand, looted a furniture store and took everything, except a Dallas Cowboys recliner. How rough are fans in the city of Brotherly Love? Super Bowl winning QB for the Eagles, Nick Foles, seriously, politely, said to fans in a radio interview recently to please not boo him if he returns to Philly as an opposing quarterback. Tough crowd.

A researcher at the University of Cincinnati says more people are dropping acid because the "world is on fire" due to the pandemic.

There's an ad campaign from the operators of public transportation in Berlin, Germany telling people not to wear deodorant, so they smell so bad that it'll make other people want to put on face masks.

Speaking of Deutschland, prostitutes in Hamburg held a protest demanding that brothels be allowed to re-open. Shops, bars and restaurants are all re-opened in Germany, but the legal brothels are still closed.

A woman at a Verizon store near Sacramento was asked to put on a mask and she responded by pulling her pants down and peeing on the floor.

And back in April a mom in Utah went viral when she decided to raise money for charity by making masks with cartoon versions of guys' junk on them. And now there's an update: She's raised over $100,000 selling them online.

I feel better.

Wear a mask, stay at least six feet apart and wash your hands.

Stay healthy out there and in there.

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