The Washington State Patrol says a person is being detained following a strange early Monday morning shooting.

  Man calls 9-1-1 in Pasco, says somebody shooting at his car

Around 2:30 AM a victim called in to say he was driving on Highway 395 not far from Court Street, and that somebody was 'chasing' them and shooting at them.

Kennewick Police and WSP joined in the case, KPD meeting up with the victim in Richland where they did find bullet holes in their car.

Based upon the description of the suspect vehicle, Pasco PD located the driver and ended up chasing them over the Blue Bridge south into Kennewick. The store took a strange turn then.

  Suspect driver was located trying to push disabled car off road

When Pasco PD and other officers caught up with the driver, they found them in the middle of the road trying to push their car, which had broken down. Pasco PD said the vehicle did not appear to have been involved in an accident.

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The suspect was taken into custody near the Highway 395-240 interchange. The WSP is handling the investigation as it primarily took place on a state highway, which is their jurisdiction.

More information is expected to be released soon. It is not known if there is any connection between the victim and suspect.




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