Back in the day, you couldn't just download your fave music. You had to get in the car and drive to your local record store or mega record stores like Tower Records. If you you had to google Tower Records, you didn't grow up in the hay day of shopping for music in a store filled with all kinds of tunes from jazz to techno. I have to say, you missed out. Going to Tower was a weekly joy for my brother and I growing up, and I still to this day go to record stores to find my latest fave, or an oldie but goody.

Thankfully, Record Store Day was invented to keep alive local music shops. April 21st is the day that everyone should get out and support local record stores. It's an awesome way to get music in CD, vinyl, and yes, even cassette tape! Locally, Adventures Underground is having a Record Store Day celebration. Saturday, April 21st, from 8am to 9pm in addition to shopping for music in general, there are special releases that are only available in limited quantity.

Each store applies for what they can get, so the store won't know all of the things they'll get in, so it's an adventure in music. This year some of the releases include Aaliyah, David Bowie, Common, Cypress Hill, Evanescence, Niall Horan, Madonna, Miguel and so many more! Click here for the whole list, then make sure you're at Adventures Underground to see what comes in, support local a business, and get music you love!

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