In 1980 "Tracers" received the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Ensemble. The play was created and written by Vietnam veterans based on their experiences in boot camp, the war, and beyond. The CBC Communications Department is performing this amazing show Friday and Saturday August 17th and 18th, and it's a show you do not want to miss!

"A composite or collage of interrelated scenes, the play follows the lives of a group of "grunts" as they move from basic training, on to combat in Vietnam, and finally to the shattering realization that their lives will be forever affected by the horrors that they have witnessed—and been a part of. Dealing with the grim realities of the battlefield—free-fire zones, trip wires, drugs, body bags, rat infested bunkers and the ever-present stench of death—the men become increasingly isolated from the "outside world" and from a society that finds honor in such mindless violence and destruction."

This production of Tracers is a workshop production. Workshop productions usually focus on one area of theatre, and this production emphasizes acting skills and communication along with acting theory. After the performance, a panel of knowledgable experts will provide an evaluation of the actors’ work and the audience is welcome to remain for the evaluation.

Tickets are only $5 and they can be purchased online by clicking here or at the door. The show is rate R for very harsh language so leave the little ones at home. If you want to have an incredible live theater experience DO NOT miss this exclusive event.


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