Carrie Underwood's son named her two cows, and it's hard not to fall in love with them. The singer recently got a chance to talk about her Christmas gift from Mike Fisher, and yes, she did want cows for Christmas, and yes, more animals are imminent.

Talking to Taste of Country and select media, Underwood shares that her request for cows stemmed from finally having the space for them. The couple's five horses moved to a different part of the property — their "forever barn," she says — and that left a vacancy near the front of her property.

"I love animals," Underwood says. "Cows are probably my favorite animal, because I grew up with them. I think they just have such personalities. I just can't wait to really get to know ours."

She should have time soon, as promotion for her new My Gift album figures to wrap shortly. The Christmas album features a collaboration with John Legend and another with her oldest son, Isaiah.

The two cows seen below are indeed pets. Since Underwood is a vegetarian that was probably assumed, but Fisher eats meat, so it's worth clarifying. Growing up in Oklahoma, Underwood's father ran a cattle ranch and she fell for the animals, which made it all the more tragic when she learned where they were headed. That's actually why she became a vegetarian in the first place. But that won't stop her from housing more and more animals — it's like a rural rescue she's running in middle Tennessee.

"I feel like we just keep getting more and more chickens," she says after admitting, "I think next is gonna be donkeys, because they're good to have as far as, like, coyotes go on the farm."


Underwood's son Isaiah likes his new bovine brothers (okay, we're not sure of the cows' sexes, but the alliteration was too good to pass up) to the point that he named them!

"My son named them Brownie and Oreo," Underwood says, "because one is brown and one is black and white."

You can't argue with that logic.

Cows may be the go-to gift in 2020. Jon Pardi recently admitted that his wife Summer also asked for cows for Christmas. Come to think of it, "Cows for Christmas" sounds like the title of a pretty good country song, don't you think?

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