If Carly Pearce has any enemies today, they wouldn't dream of calling her what kids growing up called her. The "I Hope You're Happy Now" singer had the kind of nickname that people go to therapists to help get over.

Talking to Taste of Country Nights, Pearce shared what two nicknames she had growing up in Kentucky, and neither are very good. She laughs about it now, but ouch!

"I was chunky when I was younger and in elementary, and middle school I was this tall," she explains. Watch Pearce's full interview above.

She talks about her nicknames in the first minute before moving on to discuss the last text she sent to husband Michael Ray, the last thing she Googled and her new Carly Pearce album, in stores and at digital retailers now.

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"'Shrek' was also a nickname of mine, but my nickname that stuck was 'Heifer.' I'm still trying to get over it." A heifer is a young female cow, if you didn't know.

In 2020 Pearce is dedicated to living healthy — something Ray keeps in mind when gifting her things for holidays. During the interview she shared that he'll pack all her favorite healthy foods into Easter baskets or Valentine's Day gifts. It's something she appreciates, even if it is a little annoying that she can never top him. Her "Finish Your Sentences" duet partner is extravagant when it comes to gift-giving.

He's also extravagant when it comes to accessorizing, it seems. Watch as Pearce talks about the one habit Ray has that's irritating to her. That comes after she shares how finding true love shaped her new album. Ray and Pearce married in October after dating for nearly two years. Their duet on her new album was recorded fairly early into their relationship and captures the flirty nature of young love.

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