Didn't your mommas raise you better? These slimeballs prowled West Pasco and scored (allegedly...yeah). Unlocked vehicles are the first to get hit.

Didn't your momma teach you to lock your damn car? Well, my momma did teach me that and I still made the mistake one night and got my stuff stolen. I always lock, but on this particular afternoon, I needed something in my truck and forgot to lock it afterwards. I was out of my routine and messed up. It just so happens that the very same night, I was hit by a prowler. THAT ONE DAMN TIME! That's all it takes...lock your cars because prowlers love it when you don't and it's better than breaking a window. Oh yeah, don't leave a laptop, jewelry, gun, or in this case a purse full of credit cards in your unlocked car.

WHO ARE WE? An unlocked car in west Pasco was prowled in the early morning hours of Thursday. A purse with credit...

Posted by Pasco Police on Thursday, October 22, 2020



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