Having been a victim of a car prowler, I really hate to see this happen. But there is some good news along with the bad news here. Neighbors in Pasco caught a car prowler and surrounded him until police got there. Police were able to identify him and cite him, but he didn't go to jail because it was full. I don't really think car prowling should just be a misdemeanor. It's very violating to be a victim of such a crime, but it's just a minor blip to the criminal. Oh well, such is the law. Also such is the law, that if the jail is crowded they would rather just cite him and let him go. I say BS! If the jails are crowded then pack them in there like sardines. Oh, I'm sorry, would that make it too miserable for the criminals? Jail's not supposed to be a happy place. Okay back to the good news. They did identify him and cite him. I wish they would have put him in a crowded jail cell quite frankly.

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