Ladies, Do you consider yourself a jealous person? A recent survey has shown that  women are jealous of each other, and attractive women are the biggest targets. Women, jealous, who knew.

Research showed women acted more aggressively toward other women who wore low-cut tops and miniskirts,but didn't seem to mind the gals wearing jeans and t-shirts. The study showed women who were jealous would roll their eyes, give a fake smile or just flat out mock the other women. Boy, I can't tell you how many time that's happened to me. Walk into a bar with my new jeans and my favorite beer themed t-shirt, only to have jealous dude's mock me and glare at me, I hear them and feel their jealousy. A women will get madat her man for looking at another women, but will go out of her way to point out a 'flaw' in another women's appearance. Ladies, we don't care. Experts say women have the jealous jean do to the fact they have had to compete for mates and other resources since the beginning of time. Well, that explains it. I can see it now, cave women mocking the slender chick because she has ratty hair and a grease stain on her woolly mammoth sweater. Even cavemen got tired of the bickering, why do you think they would wack a women in the head with their club and drag her back to the cave. I'll bet no one mocked Annie Oakley, she would have put a cap in your, well, backside. Guys, it's up to us now. When you see a hot chick, point her out to your gal and make fun of her hair, dress, make-up, shoes, facial features etc. Your women will appreciate it, and it could mean more football time and less honey do time. Just sayin'. Ladies, do you consider yourself a jealous person?  What is it about another person that makes you jealous? Have a great day.

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