Last Night's Worst Dressed
Dozens of country stars walked the red carpet at the 2012 CMA Awards, but not everyone shined. The worst dressed at the annual awards show included a couple of Amish or pilgrim tributes -- Thanksgiving is coming up, after all -- and a jacket catastrophe. Scroll down to see the worst of the worst dre…
Fashion Pet Peeves
Most of us have had some seriously questionable style moments. Some moments last longer than others. Remember acid wash jeans or big hair? Here is a list of fashion pet peeves that the KORD Waking Crew has!
Can’t We All Just Get Along
Ladies, Do you consider yourself a jealous person? A recent survey has shown that  women are jealous of each other, and attractive women are the biggest targets. Women, jealous, who knew.
Taylor Swift Hairstyles
She had a dominant 2010 as far as record sales and touring, Taylor Swift also showed that she can change her style and always look good!