The fall weather has been fantastic so far but we are going to see a bit of a cold spell headed our way over the next few weeks. 

We've been enjoying the highs in the lower 80's to the high 70's but that's about to change as a winter-like cold front is headed our way.

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How Drastic Will The Temperature Drop In the Tri-Cities?

According to the Northwest Weather Service out of Pendleton, we are going to see some of our daytime highs shift from the 70's to the 50's due to a cold front that's being forecasted for the Columbia Basin region.

What's The Average Temperature Of The Tri-Cities In October?

We'll see our average month temperatures drop from the '70s to the 50's by the end of the month.

Here is our current extended forecast from the Northwest Weather Service:

Friday through Tuesday...The long term will be characterized by the forecast area seeing cool temperatures over the weekend as a trough departs and a ridge briefly holds over the region, followed by a deep low bringing chilly conditions and overnight lows approaching or under freezing as fall takes a firm grasp on the Pacific Northwest.

Friday will see a trough over the region that will be exiting into Saturday. A weak area of ridging should then hold over the PacNW as our next major weather feature begins approaching from the Gulf of Alaska, keeping us dry on Saturday with highs slightly rebounding on Saturday and Sunday into the upper 60`s for lower elevations.

A deep upper-level trough should then move towards the region on Sunday, splitting into a smaller low that will move across central Canada, and another large and deep low that will strengthen and descend towards the Four Corners region into the middle of next week.

Breezy conditions from this tightened pressure gradient are likely Sunday as a cold front approaches, with a deep mass of cooler air then moving over the area. Highs on Monday and Tuesday in the '50s are likely for the lower elevations, with overnight lows in the 30`s.

Many areas may see freezing temperatures and need to continue to be monitored in the coming days. Finally, some light rainfall Sunday and again on Monday are possible, but the highest amounts will be relegated to the higher terrain of the Cascades and Blues.

It looks like our nice weather will shift over the next few weeks but that's expected as we head into November.

I can't believe we coming to the end of 2021 already. The real question is how bad of winter are we going to get this year?

I hope these low temperatures are not a sign of things to come.

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