Uranus is leaking gas. Ha ha, funny joke, everyone gets it.

Ok, how about NASA found a glob of ionized gas called a plasmoid flying away from Uranus for the first time ever. Baby's first fart, ahhh, how cute.

They say it will actually help them get more insight into Uranus, which is a very dark and mysterious place...of course it is.

Scientists discovered evidence of a Uranian plasmoid in 34-year-old data provided by Voyager 2.

David Stern

Plasmoids are bubbles of atmospheric material that are stripped away by their respective parent body's magnetic field. Other planets, including Venus, Earth and Saturn have plasmoids. Below is an explanation from NASA.

Space physicists Gina DiBraccio and Dan Gershman of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center were poring over Voyager data when they discovered an ionized hydrogen-filled plasmoid measuring roughly 127,000 miles by 250,000 miles. The scientists published their findings last year in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Click here for a deep space dive into the published research.

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